Meet J. Rudolph!

20131005-092751.jpgI’m J. Rudolph, the author of The Reanimates, as well as the paranormal mystery, Hadley’s Haunting, published by Winlock Press.

I’ve loved the zombie genre since I was a teenager. I’ve always been attracted to the idea that these things are running around that don’t need sleep, don’t have fears, and don’t have higher brain function–just the primal need to get to their food, regardless of the source, is all that drives them.

I ‘m a 30 something that lives in Southern California with my husband and the coolest kid I have ever met. I’m also part zombie. No, really! I have dead people parts in my spine, making me a living dead girl. Cool, right? I’m a writer by day and a nurse/heart monitor tech by night, and I definitely include this in my zombie series.

I’m more than a little in to turtles. Turtle stuff is everywhere and I have two live turtles that know the people only exist for their happiness. Don’t call them pets, we humans are their pets!


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