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Hello everybody!!!!

Did you get my card at ZombieWalk? I am so glad you came by!! I’m J. Rudolph and I’m probably the crazy lady that gave the card to you! It was so cool to see so many walkers! And the mini zombies? Too cute!! So wondering what the card was all about? It’s easy, I’m an author of zombie books.… (more…)

Zombie Walk ApocaCon

Is it October yet?!?! I’m gonna be there. You should join me! This is where you can get info about the Long Beach Zombie Walk, where I’ll be, along with many awesome authors in the genre like Forsyth, Chesser, Williams, DiLouie, and Tanpepper, in an all out ApocaCon!

Zombiepalooza Radio

Did you hear me on ZTalkRadio? I was a guest on Zombiepalooza!! If you want to listen to the show archives, they are available to listen to right now, just click RIGHT HERE! My interview is in the third hour!

A Page Away Interview

This is my very first interview! Come read it! A Page Away     Thanks for having me be a part of your blogiversary!