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Hello everybody!!!!

Did you get my card at ZombieWalk? I am so glad you came by!! I’m J. Rudolph and I’m probably the crazy lady that gave the card to you! It was so cool to see so many walkers! And the mini zombies? Too cute!! So wondering what the card was all about? It’s easy, I’m an author of zombie books.… (more…)

New review!

Here is a shiny new review!!!! The Complex reviewed by ApocalypticPunk


Did you know that you can totally get a personalized autograph when you own an ebook? Authorgraph makes it possible! It’s easy and when you’re on wifi, free! There are a few steps that you’ll have to do, like authorize authorgraph to send files to your kindle, but there are super easy step by step instructions when you sign up.… (more…)

A pic of J. Rudolph

Have you wondered what this J. Rudolph chick looks like? Well here I am! I’m even wearing the Don’t Open Dead Inside shirt from TWD in this shot!


Can’t wait to give this a shot!