Monthly Archives: August 2013

Why Scared Turtle?

So I’m sure you’re wondering why ScaredTurtle even exists. So, here it is! I am a turtle. I love horror. I wanted to put together something that combines the two and be able to talk about stuff by J. Rudolph too, like the cool reviews that Hadley’s Haunting, The Complex, and The Highway are getting. So yeah, this isn’t your… (more…)

Zombiepalooza Radio

Did you hear me on ZTalkRadio? I was a guest on Zombiepalooza!! If you want to listen to the show archives, they are available to listen to right now, just click RIGHT HERE! My interview is in the third hour!

Hadley’s Reviews

I have to brag a little bit. Hadley’s Haunting had been getting some awesome reviews lately. I’m so happy about them that I have to share a couple here. All of these reviews have been copied from Amazon, so when you go to get this book, feel free to show some love to the reviewers and click that Yes, this… (more…)

The Highway’s Reviews

The Highway is the second book in The Reanimates Series. I’m in love with the feedback that has been coming my way! I hope you enjoy the reviews as much as I did!           ~~~~~   5.0 out of 5 stars What a ride! An Excellent Zombie Tale!!, July 19, 2013   By J. Michel (Maryland) – See all my reviews… (more…)

Girl Zombie Authors

I had a spot on Girl Zombie Authors! Check it out, and don’t miss the exclusive interview of Cali!