A trailer for The Complex– in Lego!

Is everything awesome when the zombies come???

Z. O. R. T. In the house!


My laptop is styling in this Zombie Outbreak Response Team vinyl sticker! It should help get those creative zombie juices flowing!

I’ve been interviewed

J. Rudolph interview

You Are Entitled to My Opinion Blog Interview

I’m a NaNoWriMo winner!!!!!!!


Hello everybody!!!!

Did you get my card at ZombieWalk? I am so glad you came by!!

I’m J. Rudolph and I’m probably the crazy lady that gave the card to you! It was so cool to see so many walkers! And the mini zombies? Too cute!!

So wondering what the card was all about? It’s easy, I’m an author of zombie books. You probably guessed that. I’m sure you’re wondering why you should get my book when there are so many books out there. Wha sets me apart from the hordes?

My series is about us regular people. No one in the group is immune, no one has that secret info the government has hidden away. In fact, like many people in Southern California, the group of survivors are residents of a small gated apartment complex. The main character, Cali, is a nurse who just got off a long shift at the hospital to find that the apocalypse started.

I have links to books one and two (three is being written now) on my author page at http://www.JRudolph.com. There are free excerpts there and amazon will let you read the first 10% free on the kindle or on one of the free kindle apps.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Zombie on!!!


New review!


Here is a shiny new review!!!!

The Complex reviewed by ApocalypticPunk


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J. Rudolph Books to be Authorgraphed

A pic of J. Rudolph


Have you wondered what this J. Rudolph chick looks like? Well here I am! I’m even wearing the Don’t Open Dead Inside shirt from TWD in this shot!



Can’t wait to give this a shot!

Awesome Review!!

cute-green-turtleI am so happy to have read this most awesome review of The Complex. It was written by David Forsyth, author of the very popular Sovereign Spirit Saga.

And now, for the review!


‘s review

Sep 15, 13

5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Complex. I’ve read a lot of books about people who try to survive a zombie apocalypse in a lot of place. Farms, ranches, shopping malls, liquor stores, bunkers, and even boats (smile). But this is the first one I read where the characters are residents of an apartment complex. It brings a new and missing dynamic to the genre.

Not all the neighbors are friends, or even friendly, but they all need to pull together to defend their gated community. Of course not all of them will survive, but you already knew that. Right? Ms. Rudolph tells a good story that left me wanting more. So I grabbed The Highway and am looking forward to reading it too!